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Feds Say RtI Can’t Delay Special Ed Evals

It’s that time of the school year when I think my head is going to explode. Every year from about the time of Spring Break to the end of the regular school year, all hell breaks loose as parents who have been paid lip service by their education agencies all year long realize, “OMG, the school year is almost over and my kid still can’t [plug in deficit skill area here]!

And then the emails and calls for our lay advocacy services start pouring in. Blogging during this time of the year is a particular challenge for me because I’m spread so thinly with casework.

But, the reality is that this is the time when constructive information about the special education process is most needed by parents. We can’t represent everybody and if there is a way to empower parents so they can effectively advocate for their children themselves, that is always preferred to parents having to pay us or anyone else to pursue appropriate educational outcomes for their kids.

So, today’s posting is about Response to Intervention, or RtI, with respect to assessment special education. Over the course of the current school year, I’ve seen more and more districts implementing RtI models and shooting themselves in the foot with respect to special education compliance, particularly the federal “child find” requirements, all at the same time.

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Can’t vs. Won’t

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One of the students for whom we’re providing lay advocacy services had an tumultuous experience at school just over a week ago.  More to the point, everyone in her class, including her teacher, had a tumultuous experience with our client right in the middle of it.

This little girl is the poster child for all the cutie-patooties in the world.  She’s an early elementary student who is completely adorable, caring, and engaging.  She’s also compromised by a mood disorder and can have extremely emotional outbursts that come seemingly out of nowhere every once in a great while.

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Additional Assessments, IEE Assessors, & Parental Consent

As I’d mentioned in our earlier article, Topics Picked from Readers’ Search Terms, I’ve been going through our web stats and have selected search terms that put people on our site but didn’t necessarily answer their questions.  Our hope is to provide the answers they’ve been seeking now that we know these are things for which people need information about special education.
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