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KPS4Parents Produces Free 45-Minute Parent Training Video

We’ve been working hard over the summer to bring you new tools for this upcoming new school year. To kick things off, we’re giving parents a free 45-minute training video titled, “3 Critical Errors that Even the Smartest Parents of Children with Special Needs Can Make in the IEP Process.” Watch it now and you’ll also get links to additional resources, including a free IEP goal-writing template that you can use to prepare for your IEP meetings, as well as during the meetings when IEP goals are being formulated by the IEP team.

Best of luck in the new school year to all students and their families! We hope this tool is useful for many of you struggling to understand the IEP process and that the tools that we will continue to add to our parent education resources will help you as you continue to learn, as well.

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Case in Review: A Comedy of Errors Can Have Tragic Consequences

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As a member of KPS4Parents’ Board of Directors, I am constantly reminded of why this organization exists.? Our CEO, Anne Zachry, reports on our organization’s caseload to the rest of the Board and time and time again I am left incredulous at what actually goes on.  But I am also appreciative of the opportunity that we all collectively have to make a difference in the lives of the individual children and their families that KPS4Parents serves and the communities that benefit from our efforts.

In this post and podcast, I want to focus on one of our cases involving a special education director who has integrity, compassion, and professional expertise, but who has inherited a department staffed by people chosen and trained by his corrupt predecessor over which he apparently has little control.

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