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Special Ed Burn-Out

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This posting/podcast is targeted at people working within the field of special education, whether as a public education employee, a lay advocate, or an attorney representing anyone involved in special education. Burn-out happens in every profession, so to the extent that we all know what it is in general, I’m not going to spend time discussing what is already commonly known about burn-out.

What is unique to burn-out in special education are the kinds of things that contribute to it. Unlike some professions, in special education it’s not usually monotony that does people in. Too many things change day-to-day for the job to become monotonous.

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What is a Serious Behavioral Problem?

Today’s posting is a podcast in which I discuss what constitutes a serious behavioral problem within the context of special education. Contending with aggression, assaultiveness, verbal outbursts, noncompliance, off-task behavior, inattentiveness, elopement, and other problem behaviors is no small matter.

Equally important, but less often addressed, are more passive behaviors that impact learning, such as sitting quietly without asking questions when the student doesn’t understand what is going on rather than asking for the information to be repeated or rephrased and requesting clarification.

Please do post your comments and questions. We want to bring you the information you seek about special education-related issues and need your feedback to help guide our selection of content.

Serious Behavioral Problems podcast- Part 1
Serious Behavioral Problems podcast- Part 2

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