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During the month of July 2015, KPS4Parents is partnered with Special Needs Essentials to bring you learning materials and, in return, Special Needs Essentials will donate a portion of the sales back to KPS4Parents. This collaboration allows us to provide our friends and followers with access to quality craft, education, sensory, and therapy items while creating donation revenue for our programs that benefit children and families.

Special Needs Essentials works with non-profit organizations that focus on child advocacy issues. As it states on its website:

Who do we give to – We partner with charitable foundations & organizations who meet the following criteria:

  • Dedicated to increasing awareness for a specific diagnosis or special needs in general.
  • Works to enhance quality of life of those with special needs and their families.
  • Provides resources, services, support, advocacy or research for the special needs community.

Well, heck! That’s what we do all day every day!

Our work in local communities, on the State and federal level, and via our website and social media all increase awareness of the challenges faced by children with special needs, their families, and their educators.

Our Learn & Grow Educational SeriesSM provides free K-12 lesson plans tied to the Common Core and STEM education that are also adapted for special needs learners.

As a non-profit child and family educational advocacy organization, we believe it is important to democratize the knowledge currently held by experts regarding child development, effective instructional practices, educational program evaluation, and the regulations that govern how special education and related services are meant to be delivered in the public school setting. But, there are costs associated with this work, making donation revenue essential to our mission.

Your purchases from Special Needs Essentials during July 2015 will give you the materials you already needed to buy while generating donation revenue for KPS4Parents’ programs without taking an extra penny out of your pocket. Please make your purchases through Special Needs Essentials during the month of July, get your stuff in by the time school starts in August or September, and help us generate the funds we need to keep our programs going. Your support is always appreciated!

KPS4Parents is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,
tax ID 65-1195513.
All donations are tax-deductible.
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Welcome to Making Special Education Actually Work, the official blog of KPS4Parents. We sincerely hope that this blog proves to enlighten and empower all responsible adults to ensure that all children, regardless of disability, receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education.

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"Your podcasts are awesome - I'm going through listening to a lot of them as I prepare for my daughter's annual IEP review this weekend. Besides the convenience of the podcasts, the most useful thing is that you have really important information that's new and not listed on 100 other websites. It's helpful to hear the concrete examples for when good intentions all around went wrong. And it's also helpful that you balance that out with reminders that a relationship needs to be maintained with the special ed administrators."
Amy N., California